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About VegaJelly

Many of us have common skin concerns; aging, sun damage, oiliness, and dryness. Petroleum jelly typically yields some good results, but I always knew there must be something better!

Growing up, my mother had beautiful skin. Her secret was a skincare product that looked and felt like whipped cream. I never could find anything that made my skin feel and look the way hers did.

Now, there is. Introducing VegaJelly, a new plant-based product that has the consistency of petroleum jelly but is made from 100% vegetable oil. Simply put, it’s vegetable jelly — hence the name VegaJelly.

VegaJelly is a natural, non-petroleum-based skin emollient that addresses many skincare challenges, from extreme dryness to extreme oiliness. VegaJelly can be also be used for hair and nails. It prevents breakage and frizzy hair and helps manage dry or curly hair. VegaJelly keeps cuticles soft and helps prevent cracked and dry feet.

Healthy skincare is as important as clean eating and other healthy habits. The fewer ingredients the better for our skin — the largest organ in our body.

We hope that you will try VegaJelly for yourself and experience its many benefits. This is just the beginning of our quest for more natural products.

Nourish your body from the outside in!


Beth Kloos, President

Picture of Beth Kloos and daughter

Beth Kloos pictured with her daughter.